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    Newly Paying Subscribers Increased by 3.126 Million in March,HengTen Networks Could Become the Chinese Version of Netflix

    On April 22, HengTen Networks announced that Pumpkin Film, its streaming media platform, has acquired newly registered member of 3.833 million in March, with the number of paying subscribers increased by 3.126 million. As the end of March, its registered member accumulatively accounted for 42

    The price is HKD $24! HengTen Networks’ potential endorsed by institutions

    The strong recovery of the film market makes movies and television stocks long-anticipated. On February 22, a research report issued by SBI China Capital, a professional institution, held a buy rating on the stock with a target price of HK $24.

    Evergrande Tourism Group are allowed to use 14 IP in Evergrande Fairyland theme park

    On February 18, the company announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Evergrande Tourism Group. Ruyi Films, a subsidiary of the company, allowed Evergrande Tourism Group to use 14 film and TV drama IPs in Evergrande Fairyland theme parks nationwide. The two sides will fully leverage their respective advantageous resource and jointly develop and operate relevant IP and derivatives.